Barcode initialization

barcode tattood on forehead

Rather frequently these days (since the coming of WHS) I find myself in a situation where I require all items in a company to have at least some provisional barcode. Also bear in mind that as long as you do not use your barcodes outside your own warehouse(s), there is no requirement to have an…

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Factoring in Dynamics AX (part 1)


Factoring is an increasingly popular financial tool. It consists of selling open receivables to a financial institution (factor) . Even my dentist uses factoring. Factoring is a wonderful solution for medical professionals who deal with long cash cycles. In this article I want to talk a about how you can implement factoring in Dynamics AX.…

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Cache is king

Cache Cache

Never a dull moment when working with Ax, right? Today I ran into an interesting problem involving table caching in AX2012. Table caching in AX2012 This story starts with the request to create a new company in an existing AX environment. This company should have all general data from the old company, but none of…

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Shipping potential

Overstocked warehouse

The following applies to companies with a make to stock strategy that generally do not work with requested delivery dates (e.g. has customers who prefer their orders delivered yesterday). I bet my left spectacles (the ones I keep in my left-hand drawer) that every manager’s favorite report is “Shipped, not invoiced”. Who doesn’t want to…

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