Barcode initialization

barcode tattood on forehead

Rather frequently these days (since the coming of WHS) I find myself in a situation where I require all items in a company to have at least some provisional barcode. Also bear in mind that as long as you do not use your barcodes outside your own warehouse(s), there is no requirement to have an…

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Pub/Sub options in AX

Reed Elsevier building

(And now for something completely different) Someone recently pointed out to me that AX (as of version 6) has the possibility of using publishers. For those of you who are not familiar with the concept, let me offer a brief, somewhat skeptical, explanation. Pub/sub is a concept where a class A reports (publishes) an event…

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Datasource link types

chain links

It seems easy enough, but when it comes to link types in AX, the noise is overwhelming and makes it hard to understand the simple facts. This may be due in part to the lets say unorthodox naming and gaming of this datasource property. So let me try to clear things up once and for…

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