van Rees

Van Rees is one of the few leading international suppliers and processors of tea. FrenCo provides a range of ERP services to van Rees, including system performance analysis and improvement, system stability, interim support, reporting, and ad-hoc issue resolution. FrenCo began by conducting a thorough analysis of van Rees’ ERP system, identifying areas for improvement and implementing solutions to enhance system performance. Our team worked diligently to ensure the system was stable and operating at optimal efficiency, providing van Rees […]

Migrating AX to new domain

Poor lonesome cowboy

List of things you don’t want to hear as an AX Administrator: Oh, by the way, we’re switching to a new domain. A slight panic falls over you upon hearing these words. Before the objections start to shape in your head, your AX server is placed in a new domain and you’re in charge of making it run like before. Best of luck. I’m going to go with this real-life scenario of a development server that is moved to a […]

Barcode initialization

barcode tattood on forehead

Rather frequently these days (since the coming of WHS) I find myself in a situation where I require all items in a company to have at least some provisional barcode. Also bear in mind that as long as you do not use your barcodes outside your own warehouse(s), there is no requirement to have an official gtin-range assigned. To keep things simple (I do like my things on the simple side), here is a little job I wrote to generate […]

Factoring in Dynamics AX (part 1)


Factoring is an increasingly popular financial tool. It consists of selling open receivables to a financial institution (factor) . Even my dentist uses factoring. Factoring is a wonderful solution for medical professionals who deal with long cash cycles. In this article I want to talk a about how you can implement factoring in Dynamics AX. In the download section you can find an AX project with the framework for a factoring solution. It should be fairly easy to modify this […]

Cache is king

Cache Cache

Never a dull moment when working with Ax, right? Today I ran into an interesting problem involving table caching in AX2012. Table caching in AX2012 This story starts with the request to create a new company in an existing AX environment. This company should have all general data from the old company, but none of the transactions. So far, so good. It is at times like this that one really learns to appreciate the DMF module. For whatever reasons it […]

Shipping potential

Overstocked warehouse

The following applies to companies with a make to stock strategy that generally do not work with requested delivery dates (e.g. has customers who prefer their orders delivered yesterday). I bet my left spectacles (the ones I keep in my left-hand drawer) that every manager’s favorite report is “Shipped, not invoiced”. Who doesn’t want to know on a daily basis how much revenue is in the pipeline and just a posting run away. I bet my other pair (from the […]

Digging up the dirt. Inside the InventTrans (Part 3)


Continued from part 2 In parts 1 and 2 of this series on the InventTrans, I explained how a purchase order line mutates in the InventTrans table during the various stages of its life. The following table summarizes the changes in the inventTrans at various stages of the purchase order line. field create orderline post confirmation post arrival journal post product receipt post invoice StatusReceipt Ordered Ordered Registered Received Purchased ItemId ZF123 ZF123 ZF123 ZF123 ZF123 Qty 3 3 3 […]

Digging up the dirt. Inside the InventTrans (Part 2)

purchase order

In this part of the series on the inventTrans, we will take a look at one of the processes that uses this table. The previous part can be found here. Purchase order The steps of the purchase order process: Create order Confirm order Post arrival journal Post receipt Post invoice To keep things simple, imagine we create a purchase order with a single order line. Create order The effects of creating a purchase order (with one purchase order line) on the […]

Digging up the dirt. Inside the InventTrans (Part 1)


I thought about naming this post ‘InventTrans for Dummies’, but we have to consider the source. We all know that the beating heart of the AX in- and outbound process is the inventtrans table. In essence this table is a ledger of any and all inventory movements and as such it is the ultimate source for answers to inevitable questions about changes to inventory cost, inventory value and inventory levels. The table itself is no great mystery, but considering how […]

Security roles and authorization in Dynamics AX (Part 3)


Continued from part 2 In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.No matter how well you plan your authorization, you will run into ad-hoc issues requiring ad-hoc remedies. In part 3 of the series on authorization I’ll share some tips and tricks that might come in handy. The AX2012 Security Development Tool Saying that the authorization framework in AX is not very user-friendly is an understatement. The good people in Redmond recognized this fact […]