Migrating AX to new domain

Poor lonesome cowboy

List of things you don’t want to hear as an AX Administrator: Oh, by the way, we’re switching to a new domain. A slight panic falls over you upon hearing these words. Before the objections start to shape in your head, your AX server is placed in a new domain and you’re in charge of making it run like before. Best of luck. I’m going to go with this real-life scenario of a development server that is moved to a […]

Security roles and authorization in Dynamics AX (Part 3)


Continued from part 2 In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.No matter how well you plan your authorization, you will run into ad-hoc issues requiring ad-hoc remedies. In part 3 of the series on authorization I’ll share some tips and tricks that might come in handy. The AX2012 Security Development Tool Saying that the authorization framework in AX is not very user-friendly is an understatement. The good people in Redmond recognized this fact […]

Security roles and authorization in Dynamics AX (Part 2)

Monitoring cameras

Continued from part 1 This is the second part of my article about Security roles and authorization in Dynamics AX. Out of the box AX comes loaded with predefined security roles. Isn’t that great? Welllll….no. I never had much use for them, not even as a starting point for bigger and better things. With the possible exception of the CEO there is no such thing as a standard role in any organization. It is tempting to simply assign standard roles […]

Security roles and authorization in Dynamics AX (Part 1)

System security

…and then you find yourself responsible for setting up a security and authorization policy in AX, or worse, you inherit somebody else’s twisted logic. Up to version 6, Dynamics AX has always been lacking a solid authorization framework. In 2012 Redmond decided to make up for this, and boy did they make up. They didn’t just come up with a security system that actually works, they made it so that even the brightest minds will have a hard time coming […]