Arbud Spolka is a Polish manufacturer of steel supports and reinforcement systems for concrete. 
I handled the preservation and virtualization of their Axapta system after they split off from a larger consortium. 

Edelman is a Dutch wholesale distributor of home deco and Christmas products.

I provided some relief as an interim functional AX administrator.

While on the job I was able to exceed expectations by:

  • Resolved most long-standing issues
  • Improving system stability
  • Improve system performance
  • Improve processes
  • Improve efficiency

Hammerl is a German manufacturer of foils for the building industry.
They were initially mismatched with their implementation partner. Currently Hammerl saves tremendous cost amounts by turning to me for:

  • Customizations
  • User support
  • System maintenance

Reuss-Seifert was a German manufacturer of supplies for the concrete building sector.
Unfortunately the company suffered from bankruptcy after a failed restart. Of course it is hard if not impossible for a company in bankruptcy to find support, but still there are questions to be answered, bills to be paid and goods to be sold, all heavily relying on the existing ERP administration and a staff that is no longer there. Reuss-Seifert (and their liquidator) turned to me for any ad-hoc request they encountered.

Westmark is a German manufacturer of kitchen gadgets and household goods for private kitchens and catering.
For Westmark I did some programming in their highly customized AX2009 environment. I also translated webshop texts from German to Dutch.