“The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”

Going from grey to green

Even in the analytical world of IT, nothing is ever black and white. Join us on our journey from grey to green, as we add some color to our sustainability mission.

The future is now, and green is the new black. And we’re ready for it.

We believe that every business must carry their fair share of the sustainability burden. We believe that we need to be champions not only for our clients, but champions for our climate. And we also believe that if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

So here we are, a small business working toward our goal of becoming completely circular, environmentally friendly, and zero-emission, so that we can leave our planet better than we found it.

Mobility In Motion

Embracing The WFH Shift

Yet another acronym has taken over since the pinnacle of COVID. WFH. In order to limit our carbon footprint and reduce our overhead, we give employees the work/life balance they deserve by allowing them the option to work from home.

Revving Up With Renewable Fuel

In addition to reducing our travel by planes, trains, and automobiles, we fuel all our vehicles with HVO, a plant-based renewable fuel with a near-neutral carbon footprint. And did we mention we’re also trying to ease up on the gas pedal? This is a bit of a work in progress, as our manager is a self-confirmed petrol head with a need for speed (and a personal relationship with speeding tickets). But we’re getting there, and holding each other accountable every step of the way.

“Trees For All” and All For One

Until we get to the point of zero emissions, we are committed to compensating for our transportation mileage by supporting “Trees For All”, a company that specializes in CO2 compensation through foresting.

Our Electricity Era

Investing in Solar Panels

Tech basically revolves around electricity. Servers, laptops, routers, hubs, smartphones, and on and on. So why not use the greatest natural resource available? We’ve installed enough solar panels to power our electric needs, and possibly half the neighborhood, too.

Going Green with Greenchoice

Additional electricity comes from Greenchoice, a utility company in the Netherlands that is guaranteed 100% green. We also participate in windmill investments through Greenchoice.

Show Me The (Paperless) Money

Green Banking

This one’s a no brainer. Bank green. Shout out to Triodos Bank, our banking partner who has been operating sustainably since 1968.

Disposal of Disposables

Eliminating Wasteful Waste

Although we don’t produce a ton of garbage, we do use a lot of batteries. So, we are trying to eliminate battery-powered equipment, and start incorporating more wires. Those of us that are clumsier than others may have to watch their step a bit more. We also try to print consciously at all times, and have even brought our yearly consumption down to one set of toners and only 500 sheets of paper.


Bring Your Own (Reusable) Bottle. We ask all employees to bring their own reusable water vessel to fill up at the sink. Since the water quality in the Netherlands is top-notch, why bother with plastic, bottling and logistics?

Did Someone Say Coffee?

Sipping on Sustainable Coffee

We’re the first to admit it. There’s a whole lotta snacking and java-sipping in this office. Yes, we may have a caffeine problem, but then again, coffee is our drug of choice (and may or may not single-handedly spike the Columbian GNP). We love our sustainable coffee.

Powered By The Cloud

Carbon-Friendly Cloud Services

Because we are always relentlessly researching answers to life’s biggest questions, it’s hard to quantify our footprint here. We’re surrounded by data, although most of that data is relegated to cloud storage. We like to think that the data centers we use are as environmentally responsible as we try to be. We also use Ecosia, a search engine that helps offset emissions by using their profits to plant trees in over 35 countries.

Get Started

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

We don’t drive EV’s, but we mind our footprint. It’s not about tax deduction, it’s about mentality.  We won’t smudge your supply chain if green is your deal.

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